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Don’t miss a minute of the action on and off the pitch!

Make sure you get your tickets through an official seller. For more ticketing information, click here.

We recommend Fans only purchase from official HSBC NZ Sevens channels (listed below).

Please avoid using search engines to find tickets, as they often mislead consumers to authorised resellers like Viagogo.

If you buy from unauthorised sellers or resellers such as Viagogo or through Facebook you risk paying significantly inflated prices, being turned away at the venue, not getting the seats you’ve ordered, not being made aware of certain conditions (e.g. getting a child’s ticket or restricted view seats), getting a fake ticket – or not getting a ticket at all. 

Click here for Ticketing information.

Official Ticket Sellers:

To ensure that your tickets are valid, you should only purchase tickets through links on this website or on New Zealand Rugby (eg. Sevens or Team All Blacks) communications. Check that you are buying off a page that has one of these URLs:


Phone: 0800 TICKETEK (842 538)

Outlets: Usual Ticketek outlets (listed here)




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