HSBC New Zealand Sevens  |  FMG Stadium Waikato, Hamilton
Sat 26 + Sun 27 Jan, 2019

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Ticket Terms and Conditions

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What does GA mean? Will we be seated together?

My GA ticket has a different number next to it than my friend’s ticket. Can we still sit together?

Can I purchase tickets at the gate?

What time will ticket services open on tournament day?

Is there special group pricing?

Ticketek online sales are limited to 10 tickets per transaction. How do I purchase more tickets?

What are the different ticket types?

How can I book wheelchair seating?

Is there alcohol-free seating available?

Can I bring a child with me to the R18 area?

Tournament Format

What will the NZ Sevens tournament schedule look like?

Will pass out privileges be allowed each day?

How is the NZ Sevens Tournament structured?


What are the accessibility options at FMG Stadium Waikato?

Where is FMG Stadium Waikato located?

Can I ride my bike to the stadium?

What can and can’t I bring into the stadium?

Can I bring my own beverage container into the stadium?

Can I use my camera/video camera in the stadium?

Can I smoke in the stadium?

Food & Beverage

What options are there at the stadium?

Can I bring my own food and drink into the stadium?

Can I bring my own beverage container into the stadium?

How can I sell my product at the Stadium?



Media Accreditation


What ages are the Infant, Child and Youth ticket?

Village Cashless Wristbands

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How can I pick up my wristband?

Can I pick up my friend's wristbands?

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Do I have use this system? Can't I just use cash or card?

Are there additional fees?

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