HSBC Wellington Sevens Rugby Clubs Offer:

Bring the noise. Bring the colour. Bring the crew, friends and the family – there’s nothing else like it! As a member of our rugby community we’ve got a little bit of awesomeness so you can bring your noise to the Wellington Sevens in 2017.

Wellington welcomes the vibrant and iconic HSBC Sevens World Series 2017.  Two days of fast-paced rugby action and entertainment at Westpac Stadium - Saturday 28 & Sunday 29 January. 

Experience the Wellington Sevens as you’ve never seen it before. Loaded with live music, a Food+Fizz alley, and a fusion of colour costumes, sport and entertainment!

Choose one day or two and bring your friends and family to a Zone that suits your crew: Premium Zone, Silver Zone, Mix Zone, Family Zone. And Kids eat free! Kid’s ticket $7 per day, Adults from $87 per day, and a Family (2A + 2C) from $179 (excluding fees).

Bring your noise to the HSBC Wellington Sevens this summer – be there!

Check below for your Club password (Team password for Junior Teams) and enter it when you buy your tickets to access these great offers!


If you want to sit with others from your Club, you can buy your tickets in a section of the ground allocated to your Club. Check below for a list.

  Adult Child (13 & Under) Family (2A,2C)
  Regular Price Eaarly Bird  Price   Regular Price Early Bird Price
Premium Zone 2 day $177.00 $167.00 $14.00    
Silver, Mix, Family Zones 2 day $137.00 $117.00 $14.00 $288.00 $248.00
Silver, Mix, Family Zones 1 day $87.00 $77.00 $7.00 $179.00 $159.00

Score a try on Westpac Stadium

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Bring the team! Don’t just dream it, do it. Your Junior team can play a game of seven-a-side rugby on Westpac Stadium field during the Wellington Sevens!  

Make sure your team is out on the field come tournament day. All Junior teams (playing in grades from Under 6 Rippa to Under 13) that sell tickets above the threshold listed below will qualify to play a game:

  • 7 a side team (age 6 & 7): sell 20 tickets per team.

  • 10 a side team (ages 8, 9 & 10): sell 30 tickets per team.

  • 15 a side team (age 11, 12 & 13): sell 50 tickets per team (entitles two teams to play)

Congratulations to Wests (Western Suburbs) Vipers Under 11  - Our first Junior team to qualify to play Sevens on Westpac Stadium during the HSBC Wellington Sevens in January!

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CLUB Premium Silver Family
Avalon 29 (back) 24 (front) 19 (mid)
Eastbourne 28 (mid) 23 (mid) 20 (Row G-P)
Hutt Old Boys Marist 29 (back) 24 (front) 19 (front)
Johnsonville 27 (mid) 31 (front) 16 (Row A-E)
Marist St Pats 29 (mid) 30 (front) 19 (back)
Newlands RFC 27 (mid) 31 (front) 16 (Row F-K)
North United 28 (front) 30 (front) 17 (front)
Old Boys University 27 (mid) 24 (back) 16 (Row AA-EE)
Oriental Rongotai 28 (front) 30 (mid) 18 (front)
Paraparaumu Rugby Football Club 25 (front) 23 (front) 20 (front)
Paremata/Plimmerton 27 (front) 31 (back) 16 (front)
Petone 28 (mid) 31 (back) 15 (mid lower)
Poneke 28 (mid) 31 (back) 17 (back)
Rimutaka Rugby Football Club 29 (back) 32 (back) 16 (back)
Stokes Valley 28 (front) 30 (mid) 17 (mid)
Tawa 27 (front) 31 (front) 16 (Row L-Q)
Upper Hutt Rams 29 (back) 32 (front) 15 (front)
Waikanae RFC 25 (mid) 23 (mid) 20 (Row B-F)
Wainuiomata 29 (back) 32 (back) 15 (mid upper)
Wellington 29 (back) 32 (back) 15 (back)
Western Suburbs 25 (back) 23 (back) 20 (back)
Wellington Rugby Referees 26 (back 31 (back) 19 (mid)
Wellington CODES
Avalon Rugby Football Club All other teams AVALON      
Avalon Wolves Blue Under 6 Rippa AVALON1 Avalon Wolves Under 9 AVALON6
Avalon Wolves Maroon Under 6 Rippa AVALON2 Avalon Wolves Under 10 AVALON7
Avalon Wolves Blue Under 7 Rippa AVALON3 Avalon Wolves Under 11 AVALON8
Avalon Wolves Maroon Under 7 Rippa AVALON4 Avalon Wolves Under 12 AVALON9
Avalon Wolves Under 8 AVALON5 Avalon Wolves Under 13 AVALON10
College Old Boys - Victoria Uni All other teams OBU      
OBU Wilsons Under 6 Rippa OBU1 OBU Sadlers Under 7 Rippa OBU3
OBU Prestons Under 7 Rippa OBU2 OBU Steinmetz Under 9 OBU4
Eastbourne Rugby Football Club All other teams EASTBOURNE      
Eastbourne Honey Badgers Under 6 Rippa EASTBOURNE1 Eastbourne Tigers Under 9 EASTBOURNE4
Eastbourne Sea Eagles Under 7 Rippa EASTBOURNE2 Eastbourne Jaguars Under 10 EASTBOURNE5
Eastbourne Pirates Under 8 EASTBOURNE3 Eastbourne Spartans Under 11 EASTBOURNE6
Hutt Old Boys Marist RFC All other teams HUTTOLDBOYS      
HOBM Eagles Under 6 Rippa HUTTOLDBOYS1 HOBM Ninja Warriors Under 8 HUTTOLDBOYS13
HOBM Lions Under 6 Rippa HUTTOLDBOYS2 HOBM Super Heros Under 8 HUTTOLDBOYS14
HOBM Small Blacks Under 6 Rippa HUTTOLDBOYS3 HOBM Eagles Under 9 HUTTOLDBOYS15
HOBM Tigers Under 6 Rippa HUTTOLDBOYS4 HOBM Storm Troopers Under 9 HUTTOLDBOYS16
HOBM Titans Under 6 Rippa HUTTOLDBOYS5 HOBM Eagles Under 10 HUTTOLDBOYS17
HOBM Flyers Under 7 Rippa HUTTOLDBOYS6 HOBM Lil Dragons Under 10 HUTTOLDBOYS18
HOBM Power Rangers Under 7 Rippa HUTTOLDBOYS7 HOBM Hurricanes Under 11 HUTTOLDBOYS19
HOBM Stormtroopers Under 7 Rippa HUTTOLDBOYS8 HOBM Pirates Under 11 HUTTOLDBOYS20
HOBM The Hunters Under 7 Rippa HUTTOLDBOYS9 HOBM Mavericks Under 12 HUTTOLDBOYS21
HOBM The Minimixers Under 7 Rippa HUTTOLDBOYS10 HOBM Pumas Under 12 HUTTOLDBOYS22
HOBM Eagles Under 8 HUTTOLDBOYS11 HOBM Raptors Under 12 HUTTOLDBOYS23
HOBM Lions Under 8 HUTTOLDBOYS12 HOBM Red Rockets Under 13 HUTTOLDBOYS24
Johnsonville RFC All other teams JVILLE Johnsonville Ravens Under 8 JVILLE6
Johnsonville Pythons Under 6 Rippa JVILLE1 Johnsonville Mud Dogs Under 10 JVILLE7
Johnsonville Stallions Under 6 Rippa JVILLE2 Johnsonville Pumas Under 10 JVILLE8
Johnsonville Cobras Under 7 Rippa JVILLE3 Johnsonville Hawks Under 11 JVILLE9
Johnsonville Dragons Under 7 Rippa JVILLE4 Johnsonville Hawks Under 12 JVILLE10
Johnsonville Jaguars Under 8 JVILLE5 Johnsonville Cheetahs Under 13 JVILLE11
Marist St Pats RFC All other teams MSP MSP Cougars Under 8 MSP8
MSP Cougars Under 6 Rippa MSP1 MSP Lions Under 8 MSP9
MSP Leopards Under 6 Rippa MSP2 MSP Tigers Under 8 MSP10
MSP Lions Under 6 Rippa MSP3 MSP Lions Under 9 MSP11
MSP Tigers Under 6 Rippa MSP4 MSP Leopards Under 10 MSP12
MSP Cougars Under 7 Rippa MSP5 MSP Tigers Under 10 MSP13
MSP Lions Under 7 Rippa MSP6 MSP Huntsmen Under 11 MSP14
MSP Tigers Under 7 Rippa MSP7 MSP Leopards Under 12 MSP15
Newlands RFC All other teams NEWLANDS Newlands Broncos Under 8 NEWLANDS4
Newlands Bears Under 6 Rippa NEWLANDS1 Newlands Pumas Under 9 NEWLANDS5
Newlands Tigers Under 6 Rippa NEWLANDS2 Newlands Pumas Under 9 NEWLANDS6
Newlands Lion Cubs Under 7 Rippa NEWLANDS3 Newlands Lions Under 10 NEWLANDS7
Northern United RFC All other teams NORTHS      
Norths Chihuahuas Under 6 Rippa NORTHS1 Norths Eagles Under 9 NORTHS14
Norths Dachshunds Under 6 Rippa NORTHS2 Norths Tigers Under 9 NORTHS15
Norths Griffons Under 6 Rippa NORTHS3 Norths Jackals Under 10 NORTHS16
Norths Pugs Under 6 Rippa NORTHS4 Norths Small Blacks Under 10 NORTHS17
Norths Spaniels Under 6 Rippa NORTHS5 Norths Wolfpack Under 10 NORTHS18
Norths Beagles Under 7 Rippa NORTHS6 Norths Huskies Under 11 NORTHS19
Norths Corgies Under 7 Rippa NORTHS7 Norths Titans Under 11 NORTHS20
Norths Dalmatians Under 7 Rippa NORTHS8 Norths Dobermans Under 12 NORTHS21
Norths Puppies Under 7 Rippa NORTHS9 Norths Hawks Under 12 NORTHS22
Norths Bulldogs Under 8 NORTHS10 Norths Mastiffs Under 13 NORTHS23
Norths Grizzlies Under 8 NORTHS11 Norths Pacers Under 13 NORTHS24
Norths Ridgebacks Under 8 NORTHS12 Norths Rotties Under 13 NORTHS25
Norths Bloodhounds Under 9 NORTHS13 Norths Terriers Under 13 NORTHS26
Oriental Rongotai RF All other teams ORIES      
Ories Magpies Under 6 Rippa ORIES1 Ories Magpies Under 9 ORIES6
Ories Eagles Under 7 Rippa ORIES2 Ories Magpies Under 10 ORIES7
Ories Magpies Under 7 Rippa ORIES3 Ories Magpies Under 11 ORIES8
Ories Tuis Under 7 Rippa ORIES4 Ories Magpies Under 12 ORIES9
Ories Magpies Under 8 ORIES5 Ories MSP Barbarians Under 13 ORIES10
Paraparaumu Rugby Football Club All other teams PARAPARA Paraparaumu First Choice Decorators Boas Under 9 PARAPARA11
Paraparaumu A-Grade Automotive Taipans Under 6 Rippa PARAPARA1 Paraparaumu Mills-Albert Taipans Under 9 PARAPARA12
Paraparaumu Coastlands Boas Under 6 Rippa PARAPARA2 Paraparaumu Stirling Sports Pythons Under 9 PARAPARA13
Paraparaumu Stirling Sports Cobras Under 6 Rippa PARAPARA3 Paraparaumu A-Grade Automotive Boas Under 10 PARAPARA14
Paraparaumu Zones Landscaping Pythons Under 6 Rippa PARAPARA4 Paraparaumu Coastlands Rattlers Under 10 PARAPARA15
Paraparaumu Coastlands Boas Under 7 Rippa PARAPARA5 Paraparaumu Paula's Furniture Pythons Under 10 PARAPARA16
Paraparaumu Stirling Sports Pythons Under 7 Rippa PARAPARA6 Paraparaumu BCE Cobras Under 11 PARAPARA17
Paraparaumu Zones Landscaping Taipans Under 7 Rippa PARAPARA7 Paraparaumu Kapiti Benchtops Boas Under 11 PARAPARA18
Paraparaumu BCE Boas Under 8 PARAPARA8 Paraparaumu First Choice Decorators Taipans Under 12 PARAPARA19
Paraparaumu Kapiti Benchtop Taipans Under 8 PARAPARA9 Paraparaumu Mills-Albert Vipers Under 13 PARAPARA20
Paraparaumu Zones Landscaping Cobras Under 8 PARAPARA10 Paraparaumu Paula's Furniture Naakahi Under 13 PARAPARA21
Paremata-Plimmerton RFC All other teams PAREPLIM Pare Plim Makos Under 8 PAREPLIM15
Pare Plim Nemo's Nursery PAREPLIM1 Pare Plim Marlins Under 8 PAREPLIM16
Pare Plim Hammerheads Under 6 Rippa PAREPLIM2 Pare Plim Sharks Under 8 PAREPLIM17
Pare Plim Mako's Under 6 Rippa PAREPLIM3 Pare Plim Hammerheads Under 9 PAREPLIM18
Pare Plim Marlins Under 6 Rippa PAREPLIM4 Pare Plim Makos Under 9 PAREPLIM19
Pare Plim Orcas Under 6 Rippa PAREPLIM5 Pare Plim Marlins Under 9 PAREPLIM20
Pare Plim Angel Fish Under 7 Rippa PAREPLIM6 Pare Plim Makos Under 10 PAREPLIM21
Pare Plim Eagle Rays Under 7 Rippa PAREPLIM7 Pare Plim Orcas Under 10 PAREPLIM22
Pare Plim Hammerheads Under 7 Rippa PAREPLIM8 Pare Plim Stingrays Under 10 PAREPLIM23
Pare Plim Mako's Under 7 Rippa PAREPLIM9 Pare Plim Makos Under 11 PAREPLIM24
Pare Plim Manta Rays Under 7 Rippa PAREPLIM10 Pare Plim Manta Rays Under 11 PAREPLIM25
Pare Plim Marlins Under 7 Rippa PAREPLIM11 Pare Plim Marlins Under 11 PAREPLIM26
Pare Plim Orcas Under 7 Rippa PAREPLIM12 Pare Plim Sharks Under 12 PAREPLIM27
Pare Plim Stingrays Under 7 Rippa PAREPLIM13 Pare Plim Tigersharks Under 12 PAREPLIM28
Pare Plim Hammerheads Under 8 PAREPLIM14 Pare Plim Orcas Under 13 PAREPLIM29
Petone Rugby Football Club Inc All other teams PETONE      
Petone Brockelsby Plumbing & Gasfitting Under 6 Rippa PETONE1 Petone King Toytoa Under 9 PETONE11
Petone King Toyota Under 6 Rippa PETONE2 Petone Mitre10 Mega Under 9 PETONE12
Petone Mitre10 Mega Under 6 Rippa PETONE3 Petone Apex Print Under 10 PETONE13
Petone Apex Print Under 7 Rippa PETONE4 Petone King Toyota Under 10 PETONE14
Petone Brockelsby Plumbing & Gasfitting Under 7 Rippa PETONE5 Petone Mitre10 Mega Under 10 PETONE15
Petone King Toyota Under 7 Rippa PETONE6 Petone King Toyota Under 11 PETONE16
Petone Mitre10 Mega Under 7 Rippa PETONE7 Petone Mitre10 Mega Under 11 PETONE17
Petone King Toyota Under 8 PETONE8 Petone King Toyota Under 12 PETONE18
Petone Mitre10 Mega Under 8 PETONE9 Petone Mitre10 Mega Under 12 PETONE19
Petone Apex Print Under 9 PETONE10 Petone King Toyota Under 13 PETONE20
Poneke Rugby Football Club Inc All other teams PONEKE Poneke Avengers Under 9 PONEKE10
Poneke Cheetahs Under 6 Rippa PONEKE1 Poneke Panthers Under 9 PONEKE11
Poneke Cyclones Under 6 Rippa PONEKE2 Poneke Sharks Under 9 PONEKE12
Poneke Makos Under 6 Rippa PONEKE3 Poneke Chargers Under 10 PONEKE13
Poneke Storm Under 6 Rippa PONEKE4 Poneke Dolphins Under 10 PONEKE14
Poneke Hurricanes Under 7 Rippa PONEKE5 Poneke Turbos Under 11 PONEKE15
Poneke Tigers Under 7 Rippa PONEKE6 Poneke Wolves Under 11 PONEKE16
Poneke Wildcats Under 7 Rippa PONEKE7 Poneke Pukekos Under 12 PONEKE17
Poneke Pirahnas Under 8 PONEKE8 Poneke Stingers Under 12 PONEKE18
Poneke Pythons Under 8 PONEKE9 Poneke Spartans Under 13 PONEKE19
Rimutaka Rugby Football Club All other teams RIMUTAKA Rimutaka Ultimate Drain Clearing Under 9 RIMUTAKA5
Rimutaka Dzine Signs Under 6 Rippa RIMUTAKA1 Rimutaka Sapphire Consultants Under 10 RIMUTAKA6
Rimutaka Godfrey Builders Ltd Under 7 Rippa RIMUTAKA2 Rimutaka Mendoza Mechanicals Under 11 RIMUTAKA7
Rimutaka Wal Gordon Plumbing Under 7 Rippa RIMUTAKA3 Rimutaka Lace Jam Under 12 RIMUTAKA8
Rimutaka Porta Showers Under 8 RIMUTAKA4 Rimutaka Barber Forestry & Training Under 13 RIMUTAKA9
Stokes Valley Rugby Football Club All other teams STOKES      
Stokes Valley Under 6 Rippa STOKES1 Stokes Valley Save the Rhino Under 9 STOKES4
Stokes Valley Under 7 Rippa STOKES2 Stokes Valley Under 11 STOKES5
Stokes Valley Randwick Meats Under 8 STOKES3 Stokes Valley Under 12 STOKES6
Tawa Rugby Football Club Inc All other teams TAWA Tawa Roundabout Bar & Kitchen Under 9 TAWA6
Tawa Hawkins Plumbing Services Under 6 Rippa TAWA1 Tawa North City Motors Under 10 TAWA7
Tawa Rough Terrain Under 6 Rippa TAWA2 Tawa Zip Plumbing Tawa Under 10 TAWA8
Tawa Gen-Z-Haus Under 7 Rippa TAWA3 Tawa Justin Harriss Plumbing Under 11 TAWA9
Tawa StreetWise Under 7 Rippa TAWA4 Tawa Gas Connections Under 12 TAWA10
Tawa Pohutukawa Decorating Under 8 TAWA5 Tawa Harcourts Tawa Under 13 TAWA11
Upper Hutt Rugby Football Club All other temas UHRAMS      
Upper Hutt Change Fitness Under 6 Rippa UHRAMS1 Upper Hutt Medent Medical Under 8 UHRAMS11
Upper Hutt Cyclones Under 6 Rippa UHRAMS2 Upper Hutt A1 Homes Under 9 UHRAMS12
Upper Hutt Pension Transfers Under 6 Rippa UHRAMS3 Upper Hutt Titans Under 9 UHRAMS13
Upper Hutt Hire Under 7 Rippa UHRAMS4 Upper Hutt Warriors Under 9 UHRAMS14
Upper Hutt Lowery Supa Cutters Under 7 Rippa UHRAMS5 Upper Hutt Angus & Burrell Motor Co Under 10 UHRAMS15
Upper Hutt Masefield Diesel Services Under 7 Rippa UHRAMS6 Upper Hutt Barbarians Under 10 UHRAMS16
Upper Hutt PT Haulage Under 7 Rippa UHRAMS7 Upper Hutt Shannon Masonry Under 10 UHRAMS17
Upper Hutt A1 Homes Under 8 UHRAMS8 Upper Hutt BlackSheep Construction Under 11 UHRAMS18
Upper Hutt Betteridge Enginering Under 8 UHRAMS9 Upper Hutt Stormers Under 12 UHRAMS19
Upper Hutt Gillies & Mark Under 8 UHRAMS10 Upper Hutt Quinnys Drycleaning Under 13 UHRAMS20
Waikanae RFC All other teams WAIKANAE Waikanae Blues Under 9 WAIKANAE5
Waikanae Hurricanes Under 6 Rippa WAIKANAE1 Waikanae Lions Under 9 WAIKANAE6
Waikanae Bulls Under 7 Rippa WAIKANAE2 Waikanae Stormers Under 10 WAIKANAE7
Waikanae Crusaders Under 7 Rippa WAIKANAE3 Waikanae Chiefs Under 11 WAIKANAE8
Waikanae Sharks Under 8 WAIKANAE4 Waikanae Highlanders Under 12 WAIKANAE9
Wainuiomata Rugby Football Club All other teams WAINUI      
Wainui The Warehouse Nursery WAINUI1 Wainui Short Cutz Under 9 WAINUI10
Wainui Hurricanes Under 6 Rippa WAINUI2 Wainui TQ Concrete Placers Under 9 WAINUI11
Wainui McDonalds All Blacks Under 6 Rippa WAINUI3 Wainui A1 Mobile Car Cleaning Under 10 WAINUI12
Wainui Short Cutz Under 6 Rippa WAINUI4 Wainui Bizzy Lizzy’s Under 10 WAINUI13
Wainui McDonalds All Stars Under 7 Rippa WAINUI5 Wainui McDonalds Prems Under 10 WAINUI14
Wainui McDonalds Barbarians Under 7 Rippa WAINUI6 Wainui Mac Attacks Under 11 WAINUI15
Wainui Harbour City Transport Under 8 WAINUI7 Wainui McDonalds Under 11 WAINUI16
Wainui Short Cutz Under 8 WAINUI8 Wainui NZCU Baywide Under 12 WAINUI17
Wainui Service Electrical Under 9 WAINUI9 Wainui Clives Chemist Under 13 WAINUI18
Wellington Football Club Inc All other teams WELLY      
Wellington Axemen Under 6 Rippa WELLY1 Wellington Vikings Under 9 WELLY7
Wellington Cyclones Under 6 Rippa WELLY2 Wellington Coasties Under 10 WELLY8
Wellington Taniwhas Under 6 Rippa WELLY3 Wellington Mounties Under 10 WELLY9
Wellington Axemen Under 7 Rippa WELLY4 Wellington OBU Axemen Under 12 WELLY10
Wellington Taniwhas Under 7 Rippa WELLY5 Wellington Wildfish Under 12 WELLY11
Wellington Orcas Under 8 WELLY6 Wellington Wests Barbarians Under 13 WELLY12
Western Suburbs RFC All other teams WESTS      
Wests Cheetahs Under 6 Rippa WESTS1 Wests Cheetahs Under 9 WESTS20
Wests Jaguars Under 6 Rippa WESTS2 Wests Leopards Under 9 WESTS21
Wests Leopards Under 6 Rippa WESTS3 Wests Lions Under 9 WESTS22
Wests Lions Under 6 Rippa WESTS4 Wests Pumas Under 9 WESTS23
Wests Pumas Under 6 Rippa WESTS5 Wests Tigers Under 9 WESTS24
Wests Tigers Under 6 Rippa WESTS6 Wests Cheetahs Under 10 WESTS25
Wests Cheetahs Under 7 Rippa WESTS7 Wests Jaguars Under 10 WESTS26
Wests Jaguars Under 7 Rippa WESTS8 Wests Tigers Under 10 WESTS27
Wests Lions Under 7 Rippa WESTS9 Wests Vipers Under 10 WESTS28
Wests Orcas Under 7 Rippa WESTS10 Wests Wolves Under 10 WESTS29
Wests Piranhas Under 7 Rippa WESTS11 Wests Lions Under 11 WESTS30
Wests Pumas Under 7 Rippa WESTS12 Wests Sharks Under 11 WESTS31
Wests Tigers Under 7 Rippa WESTS13 Wests Vipers Under 11 WESTS32
Wests Wolves Under 7 Rippa WESTS14 Wests Wolves Under 11 WESTS33
Wests Jaguars Under 8 WESTS15 Wests Crocs Under 12 WESTS34
Wests Lions Under 8 WESTS16 Wests Jaguars Under 12 WESTS35
Wests Orcas Under 8 WESTS17 Wests Sharks Under 12 WESTS36
Wests Pumas Under 8 WESTS18 Wests Wolves Under 12 WESTS37
Wests Tigers Under 8 WESTS19 Wests Lions Under 13 WESTS38
Wellington Rugby Referees   REFS