Got a burning question about the Sevens? Check out our FAQs below and if you still can't find the answer, get in touch with us.

  • When and where is Sevens Wellington?
    The 2017 Tournament will be held on Saturday and Sunday, the 28th & 29th of January 2017 at Westpac Stadium.
  • Why is the 2017 tournament on a Saturday & Sunday?
    We are focussed on our fans and a Saturday/Sunday event makes it more accessible for everyone – both Wellingtonians and, being on Auckland Anniversary Weekend, our friends that visit from out of town. It is time for a change and we are continually looking at how we can improve things. We've looked at the overseas Sevens tournaments where the Saturday/Sunday timing has worked well.
  • How much are tickets?
    For all information on our ticketing prices and options, check out our Tickets page Here.
  • When will the tournament schedule be released?
    The tournament schedule will be released later this year.
  • What is the Family Zone?
    Located at the southern end of Westpac Stadium the Family Zone experience includes a close to the action on-field seating area where kids can interact with players, entertainment such as face painting, a safe, themed concourse space with Family Zone dedicated bathrooms, a technology suite, and kids eat free with pre-set food pack for all kids. We are motivated to deliver a family zone experience second to none.
  • Why can't I move to a different aisle all the time?
    We know you like moving around the stadium and visiting friends but sometimes we need to close an aisle because it has become overloaded and/or blocked which is a hazard. We're all about making sure everyone is having a fun - and safe - time at the tournament.
  • What happens if I buy a ticket but can no longer attend. What do I do?
    While we're unable to accept returns or refunds, it's not a problem if you want to pass your tickets on to someone else to use! For more information check out our Ticketing Terms and Conditions here.
  • Will I be allowed to leave the ground and re-enter?
    You sure can. Up until 4pm you will be allowed to leave and return to the Stadium. This will be subject to change dependant on NZ Police, Tournament Organisers or security requirements.
  • Are there any fancy dress rules?
    We love how creative you get with your costumes but we do have a few rules you'll need to play by - remember your shoes as you cant come in with bare feet sorry! Also the big no-nos are:
    • clothing or signs displaying offensive messages
    • gang patches
    • high visibility clothing.

Costumes must conform to reasonable standards of decency (no nudity sorry), it can't be so large so as to take up more space than your allocated seat or impact the view of others. Accessories that look like or can be used as weapons are also not permitted. Ultimately the gate staffs decision will be determinative and final. if in doubt ask us first.

  • Can I take food and beverage into the stadium?
    Yes, we all need half-time snacks so if you are wanting something homemade, there are certain food and drink you can take into the stadium.You may bring in empty plastic water bottles up to 1 litre in size (there will be water refill stations located at aisles 2, 6, 9, 12, 23, 25, 28 & 32). Food for personal consumption, such as sandwiches, fruit, chippies, cakes etc contained in one small bag per ticket holder (this bag must fit under your seat). If you want to wing it on the day then there will be ample food and beverage outlets open all around the venue.
  • Will there be alcohol this year?
    Yes, the Stadium has Special Liquor Licence which will operate for the Sevens Weekend. There will be a number of services in place to ensure that all fans have a good time and are able to drink responsibly.

For further information on any ticket related enquiries make sure you read through our Ticketing Terms and Conditions.